Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My Little Experiment // My First Blog.


The idea of starting a blog has been circling my head for a while, along with the obvious questions, "what would you write about?", "what would you name it?" and basically "why would anyone want to read it?" but I recently decided to give it a go, what have I got to lose?.

Me - I'm 16 years old (nearly 17 !!). I live in Norfolk. I'm currently doing A Levels in Media Studies, Drama, Psychology and Health&Social Care (and stupidly i'm not doing an A level in photography - lesson learnt!).

SO, my little experiment. I was recently given a push to start this blog by everyone bugging me about my future and what i'm going to do when I leave college. Well the truth is I HAVE NO IDEA. Everyone seems to know what they want and know exactly how to get there, what courses they're going to do at University, what University they're going to. I don't even think I could name more than 3 University's.

I thought that starting a blog may allow me to explore myself more (that was a tad cliche, i'm sorry) and maybe I'll work out what I want to do. Or maybe my future entails living in a sweet little flat in a pretty city where I can continue to write successful blogs while getting money from my job that has a decent pay but hardly stresses me out. But this is an experiment. My little experiment. 

Feel free to leave feedback/suggestions !

(BTW, I'm Lauren.)